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Glad I could provide you with music (I was formerly Guru Von Saxophone, in case you were wondering).

I'm glad my music is being put to good use by talented flash artists!

If you ever need more music, I'd be glad to provide it. Just hit me up.

TheSlumberingElderly responds:

Well thanks for a sweet song, we we're looking for some smooth jazz, and that was the smoothest I find. Booya!


I'm glad my music can contribute to NewGrounds some way or another. Thanks for using it!

You have a nice cartoony style, I like. One day, I might follow in the footsteps of Gordon Goodwin!

Jonimator responds:

Thanks for the reviw, AND music it fit pefectly in my mind!

Awesome delivery...

Man... You told a story... And man, it was hilarious. The perfect delivery... Every time, like the pizze guy.

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This game could be great

But there's so many bugs that are holding it back. Many times I've found myself dieing in seeming random places (I roll onto a block and jump off and land somewhere else another block just landed, as well as a few times right in the middle of the air). I'm not too worried though, I'm sure you've got it handled and will have it fixed soon enough.

A great game!

This is both a fun and addicting game. I've come back to play it through several times. I do agree with many that I wish it were more difficult. Maybe a suggestion if you even happen to make a sequel or update this one, possibly a cheat the removes the block removal restriction on the level, so that one is required to remove all blocks from every level. It also seem that the computer on the main screen gets a randomly generated totem each time, you could try something like that.

Then again, sometimes it's better not to mess with something that is already generally accepted as good.

Good... But...

There was no way to dodge the bosses attacks. And the gun delay also sucked. But overal, if those were fixed, it would be a great game.

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Very convincing...

Saxophone synth that is. At first I had thought it was an actual saxophone in the beginning few notes. A sound that would fool a normal listener. I'll never warm up to syth saxes (mostly because it puts me out of a job...).

Other than that, it was a fine masterpiece.

Bosa responds:

Lol. I just hope it's pleasant to listen to anyways.

Nice little melody

I'd like to hear this in a big band, sounds like it could happen. Is this you're original composition? If it is, and you don't mind, I'd be willing to attempt to arrange it for a big band.

Smoth jazz...

But still, quite well done. I've got to admit, of all the smooth jazz out there, this was in the top ten.

You made it soothing without leaving it bland.It has wonderfull swells of intensity strong enough to draw me back in as I start to drift away.

And it never floated around one single idea for too long (like so many tend to do...), which was a pleasure to hear.

Once again, while I'm an old school bop and cool cat myself, this is more than worthy of recieving a 10.

No1r responds:

Hi Gizmo, great sax player, thanks for reviewing and listening my work!

I'm a kick ass sax player...

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